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Three Prayers to Pray for Kids at Church Camp

1. Pray for nervous hearts.

Homesickness is real; spending days and nights away from home can be overwhelming. Pray that God would give kids His peace. Pray that they might make friends and have fun and enjoy the week away!

2. Pray that they will fall in love with God’s Word.

Ask God to help them focus and give them energy during Bible study and worship times. Pray that kids would learn to love the Bible — and that they would come home wanting to make it part of their lives every day!

3. Pray specifically for life change.

Pray that kids would hear the Gospel of Jesus and (if they haven't yet!) that they might believe in it for the first time! Pray that God would convict them of sins, that He would give them direction where they are struggling, and that He would draw them to Himself.


It's camp week at TCC! Kids Camp (for grades 3-5) is tomorrow through Friday; Day Camp (for grades K-2) is Friday. Learn more at

And please continue to pray for kids – a total of 24 from TCC – who will attend alongside kids from our sending church, South Georgia Baptist Church.

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