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Let's Read the Gospel of Mark!

TCC, let’s read the Gospel of Mark together!

TCC started a new sermon series, “The Real Jesus,” on September 8. It’s 12 weeks of messages in the Gospel of Mark, the second book in the New Testament of the Bible.

The Gospel of Mark is a thrilling read! It’s 16 chapters of fast-paced, vivid storytelling about the most important person who ever existed, Jesus! It’s an incredibly personal and still perfectly true account of the Son of God! It’s definitely worth reading!

Here are three tips for reading the Gospel of Mark with TCC:

Read daily.

A reading schedule for the 12-week series is published here. It’s also included in TCC’s The Real Jesus booklet, a guide for the series available for free at TCC’s Sunday morning worship services.

The schedule lists which chapter (or chapters) of Mark to read each week (this week’s reading is Mark 1). We encourage you to read at least part of that assignment (whether the entire chapter, or part of it) each day. Make it a priority to put your eyes on the text daily (or listen to it on a Bible app). Meditate on it. Memorize verses that stand out to you. Pray that God would make His Word a delight to you. Every day.

Read in community.

It’s so good to study God’s Word alongside others. In fact, the Bible is not meant to be read only in isolation. It’s better to read in community – and we want to facilitate that at TCC!

Attend church at TCC on Sundays. Sit with others who are reading Mark and hear it preached. (If you miss a sermon, listen online here.)

And participate in Home Bible Study at TCC! Adults and children gather on Wednesdays (a meal is offered at 6 p.m.; Bible study is from 7 to 7:45 p.m.). Students in grades 6-12 meet from 5 to 7 p.m. on Sundays beginning Sept. 15. Home Bible Study is the place to discuss and enjoy your readings in a small group setting! Find more details here.

If you can’t attend Home Bible Study, make every effort to talk about the week’s reading with someone else – a friend, a spouse, a co-worker – at some point throughout the week.

Read to see the Gospel.

We’re not ultimately supposed to read the Gospel of Mark just to learn lots of Bible trivia. We’re not reading to feel good about ourselves or to glean advice for a better life or to check off a spiritual to-do list. We read the Bible so that its message – the Gospel – will impact our lives!

Every time we read the Bible, we ought to be connecting the text to the Gospel of Jesus! So, especially in a book like Mark, it’s helpful to ask questions like:

  • Who in this reading is most in need? How am I like that because of sin?

  • How does Jesus act or speak in this reading that reminds me of His Gospel?

  • How do people in this reading respond to Jesus? How should I respond to the Gospel in a similar or dissimilar way?


Are you interested in learning more about how to read, study, and love the Bible? TCC will host Dwell: the Bible for Real Life on Saturday, Oct. 5, at Tradewind Elementary School, 4300 S. Williams St.

The free event will include practical teaching on the Bible, Bible activities for children, and giveaways. Register online here.

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