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Coming to You

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Tradewind Community Church is not a “come over here” church.

It’s a “we’re coming to you” church.

It’s a church that wants to be among you. It’s a church on your side of the railroad tracks. Living in your neighborhood. Gathering in your school. Praying for your families.

It’s a church ready to meet you and hear your stories. To shake your hand and learn your name. To build real relationships.

It’s a church coming to help in school classrooms and celebrate with you in the neighborhood park and listen around dining room tables.

Tradewind Community Church is coming to you. To know you. To love you. To serve you.

Isn’t this what Jesus did? He came to us. The Gospel is not “come over here.” It’s “I’ve come to you.” And Jesus did. He came to live among us and know us and love us and serve us.

And so, Tradewind Community Church is coming to you because Jesus came to us. That’s the best good news our church has: that God come to us and saved us.

It’s a church that wants you to know this Gospel more than anything else.

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