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Christmas is a Big Deal

Christmas is a big deal.

Bigger than lights and decorations. Bigger than gifts and feasts. Christmas is bigger than a holiday.

Christmas is the stunning claim of all of history. At Christmas, we celebrate that God came here, like us

This is astounding! Holy deity became earth-y. Infinitely sovereign became so small – a fragile baby. Unapproachable light stooped to inhabit this dark world.

The incarnation — God becoming human — is the major event of the cosmos. It’s a big deal.

Christmas doesn’t happen for any other world religion. No other belief system claims their god becomes human.

But we believe that at Christmas, our God in His great love sent His divine Son, Jesus, to do everything necessary to save His creation from their sin and from the death that sin brings. At Christmas, we proclaim that God actually arrived to fully and finally make all things – even us! – alive and new!

 Christmas is a big deal.

And at Tradewind Community Church, we’re so ready for this season! Would you make Christmas a big deal with us? Gather with us:

  • On Sunday mornings! Our worship services on Dec. 1, 8, 15, and 22, will celebrate Christmas. We will spend those weeks in a new sermon series called “The Songs of Christmas.” No, they won’t be messages about “Silent Night” or “Go Tell it On the Mountain.” We’ll be in the Gospel of Luke, in the Christmas narratives of chapters 1 and 2, seeing four passages in which the characters lift their voices in praise to God for what He is doing in sending His Son, Jesus.

  • At a Home Christmas Party! All are welcome for a come-and-go Christmas get-together from 4 to 6 p.m. on Sunday, December 15, at 4210 Willow St.! We’ll have Christmas goodies and fellowship.

  • For Christmas Eve! We will meet at 6 p.m. on December 24 for a Christmas Eve Worship Service at Tradewind Elementary School. The service will be family-friendly and brief; we’ll sing Christmas carols, hear the Christmas story, and share cider and hot chocolate afterward. Childcare will be provided for babies through age 2.

Join us – and invite someone to celebrate Christmas with you this season at TCC. It’s a big deal!

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