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Around Tables

We want to be a church that gathers around tables.

Yes, we are excited about joining all together on Sundays, corporately worshipping and reveling in the Good News of the Bible. We are eager to meet en masse in our park for community-wide events. We want God to be glorified by the hundreds and thousands in our neighborhood.

But Tradewind Community Church wants to sit across the dining room table from you. To share a meal, to hear your story. We want to know you. We want to be a church where you know you matter. 

And yeah, that means that things get messy. A church that gathers around tables doesn’t allow for anonymity or fake-ness or shallow relationships. When church is personal, then personal things — like our sins and our fears and our aspirations — get exposed.

But isn’t that the way Jesus’ Church is supposed to look? An every day, healthy reliance on each other – Bibles open, prayers spoken, joys shared and sorrows carried together? 

It’s around tables that we form friendships that consistently direct us to the Gospel. This kind of church holds us accountable, redirects our affections to Jesus, encourages us, and calls us to holiness. 

This is the model Jesus gave us. He gathered around tables. He broke bread there and washed feet there and rested there and listened to His friends there.

Sure, there were crowds. But Jesus prioritized personal ministry above highly publicized events. He cared deeply about others as He led them to repentance and faith.

His Church should do the same.

So, find a chair and scoot up to the table. This is where a community church takes shape.

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