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"The life was made manifest, and we have seen it, and testify to it and proclaim to you the eternal life, which was with the Father and was made manifest to us." – I John 1:2

On Christmas morning, living room floors will be covered with wrapping paper.

The carefully concealed gifts – papered and taped, topped with ribbon and bows – will be opened, and the contents revealed. No more speculation!

On Christmas, those gifts that were once mystery boxes – what's inside?! – are made known.

And, in a sense, that's exactly what we celebrate at Christmas each year.

Jesus is God made known – made manifest – to us!

That’s what the word manifest (used twice in this verse, I John 1:2) means: made known, or observable, or displayed.


Jesus is God made known to us. In Jesus, the fullness of God is observable to us. Jesus is God on display. He is God unwrapped, if you will.

God – who is gloriously mysterious to us, infinite and incomprehensible – God has delivered to us Himself in a way that we can see and understand and know. Jesus.

At Christmas, we celebrate the Good News that God has not remained distant and unapproachable. And His love for us is not shrouded in mystery. No more speculation! God has fully revealed His Good News for sinners in the person of Jesus, who (as I John 1:2 puts it) is the "eternal life."

He is the best gift – God in human form. Merry Christmas!

TCC is reading the book of I John in the Bible today as part of our Year in the Bible reading schedule. Learn more about TCC's Year in the Bible project at – and join us in reading the rest of the Bible as we close 2022.


Celebrate the Good News of Christmas with us this weekend at TCC! We will gather both on Christmas Eve (6 p.m.) and Christmas Day (10 a.m.) – everyone is welcome! Learn more at

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Christma Bible Readings

On Wednesdays through the holiday season,

TCC is providing a weekly Christmas mini-devotional.


Made Manifest


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