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Communion (also called the Lord’s Supper) is one of two ordinances of the church, instructed by Jesus (the other ordinance is baptism).


TCC shares communion on the last Sunday of each month. At TCC, the communion elements (a small piece of unleavened bread and small cup of grape juice) are distributed at the conclusion of the worship service. The ordinance, led by a TCC pastor, involves Bible reading, prayer, and instructions about when to eat and drink the elements. 

Those elements (the bread and the juice) are a tangible representation – they are symbols – of the body and the blood of Jesus, God the Son, who died on a cross in the place of sinners to save us from sin and death and was resurrected to give us new and eternal life.

Communion at TCC is open to anyone who has repented of sin, believed the Gospel of Jesus, and been baptized. By sharing in communion, believers proclaim in a visible and tangible way that the broken body and shed blood of Jesus was given for them.


Communion is intended to remind us of the death of Jesus and of how Jesus unites us to each other in the church.

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