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Join TCC for a study in the book of Colossians!


Each week, we will read all the way through Colossians and focus on a different theme or idea. Feel free to read it all in one sitting or break it into smaller pieces. Just get your eyes on the entire letter each week!


New weekly questions will post here each Monday morning to guide your reading for the week.

And share your thoughts with us on Thursdays on TCC’s Facebook page!

WEEK 5 | May 17-23: Final Thoughts

As you read through Colossians for the fifth time, consider these final questions:

  • How would you describe Paul based on your study of Colossians? How does his character encourage and inspire you?

  • Which themes or ideas from the book have most moved you to worship?

  • Have you memorized Colossians 1:15-20? (It’s not too late!) How do those verses connect to the rest of the book?

  • What does it mean that Jesus is above all? How can that truth from Colossians transform your life?

WEEK 4 | May 11-16: Holy Living

This week as you read through Colossians, notice what the letter teaches about how Christians should live:

  • What specific instructions does Paul give the church? 

  • Which of Paul’s instructions can also apply to your life? How?

  • In what ways is God asking you to obey His Words? 

WEEK 3 | May 4-10: The Gospel


As you read through Colossians this week, pay attention to the way the letter addresses the Gospel: 

  • Why would God make a way for people to be saved? What does Colossians teach about God’s character?

  • Why do people need the Gospel? What does the letter say about humans and sin?

  • How does the Gospel work? How does Colossians explain the work of Jesus and how it saves people?

  • What Gospel truths move you to worship as you read?

WEEK 2 | April 27-May 3: Jesus Above All

This week as you read through Colossians again, set your attention on what the letter teaches about Jesus:

  • Notice how Paul describes Jesus. What does Jesus do? What is He like? How does He relate to God and to people?

  • What truths about Jesus seem to be the most important in Colossians? Why?

  • How does Paul emphasize the theme that Jesus is above all?

WEEK 1 | April 20-26: First Impressions


As you read through Colossians for the first time this week, notice your first impressions:

  • What passages do you like?

  • What questions do you have?

  • What themes or ideas are repeated throughout the letter?

  • What do you notice about Paul? How would you describe his character or his tone?

  • How does Paul emphasize the truth that Jesus is above all?

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