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Three Tips for Reading the Bible

1. Read through an entire book.

Don’t skip around, or open to a random place each day. Instead, choose one book (there are 66 total in the Bible), and move through it in order, start to finish.

Maybe try one of the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John) – they tell the story of Jesus. Or start in Genesis, the first book, which is the foundation for all that follows! You could choose a letter to a church, like Philippians, or consider reading the poetry of Psalms. But choose, and read through an entire book.

2. Read asking good questions.

Questions like:

  • “What do I learn about God? How is God acting, or what is God saying, and why? How does that reveal His character?"

  • "How does this part of the Bible connect to the overarching story of the Bible, the Gospel?"

  • "How will I be different because of my reading? Is there a truth to believe, a command to obey, an example to follow?"

3. Read in community.

Find someone else to read the Bible with. Someone to encourage you and keep you accountable. Someone to ask questions with. Someone who can give insights and study help as you read.

The Bible is meant to be read together – and best, in a local church!


Have other questions about how to better read the Bible? Contact us! Email, or call or text 806-290-1979.

Also, here are three books we highly recommend with tips about Bible reading:

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