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Three Reasons to Be in a Small Group Bible Study

1. The Bible is meant to be read together.

Yes, please read the Bible on your own, too. Do you have a personal plan for opening God's Word every day? It’s how to know God – we should read the Bible on our own.

But reading the Bible with others matters. In small group Bible studies, you're encouraged to bring questions and share thoughts. They're spaces for listening and learning from one another. There's really no substitute for loving the Bible alongside others!

2. We need community.

God’s design for the people He created (us!) is to be together. (Even God Himself is eternally a “together” God — One God in Three Persons!)

We are meant for community, and small group Bible studies allow you to form meaningful relationships with others, often in better ways than at once-a-week Sunday church gatherings. In a small group Bible study, you can more easily learn names and befriend someone; you can share burdens and encourage one another; you can find accountability to love God’s Word. Community matters.

3. Intentional prayer happens.

Part of the benefit of participating in a small group Bible study is the opportunity to pray for others — and have others pray for you — in person, for real-life crises and challenges and opportunities. It’s such a kindness, to pray for others and be prayed for.

We pray together — which means, prayer is modeled in a small group Bible study, too. Struggle with prayer? Hearing prayers in community is one of the best ways to learn and be encouraged to pray!


TCC begins new Bible study groups tomorrow! And you’re invited!

➡️ A Bible study for adults and students (grades 6-12) called "The Bible Is" will meet from 6:30-7:30 p.m. on Wednesday in June at 4120 Willow St.

➡️ Kids will meet at Tradewind School Park at the same time a series called "Jesus On the Go." Kids will study stories from the Gospel of Mark, play games, enjoy popsicles, and more.

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