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Our Greatest Treasure

When our daughter was three, we bought her a Bible. She had had lots of storybook Bibles before, but this one didn’t have any pictures or rhymes. This Bible — green faux leather with a sheep on the front cover — was the real Bible! Just like mom and dad’s, it had thin crinkly pages filled with tiny black and red words. It was just her size, and she absolutely loved it.

She couldn’t read a word of it, but she loved it.

For months, she carried it around and slept with it beside her and spent her days “reading” to us about Jesus. That little green Bible was her favorite thing. Her treasure.

At Tradewind Community Church, the Bible will be our greatest treasure too.


Because the Word of God is the best thing we’ve got.

God, who created the world and knows all things, wrote us a Book!

It’s just thin crinkly pages filled with tiny black and red words. But we believe that the words in our Bibles are the actual words of the actual God!

They’re the only words that can tell us who He is and how He loves us. They’re the only words that tell us the story of His Son, Jesus, who came to save us. They’re the only words that show us the way to Life.

There are no words on earth worth more.

So, in our church and in our lives, there will be no words with more authority. The Bible will be the standard against which we weigh all truth. We will believe every word and love every word and trust the Author of every word.

Because the Bible is good. So so good.

It is good enough to wake us up early. Good enough to keep us up late. Good enough to be the main conversation topic at our supper tables — or to be the reason we sit around a table at all. Good enough to be memorized and meditated on and spoken about on repeat in our homes. Good enough to bring us together on Sundays, and good enough to be the only thing we sing and speak about while we’re gathered. Good enough for when we sit and when we walk and when we lie down and when we rise.

Our greatest treasure.

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