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Halloween is for Neighbors

The candy and costumes are great — but the best thing about Halloween is the neighbors!

This week, the jack-o-lanters will be lit and the sidewalks (from Mirror Street to Osage Street) will be filled up with treat-seekers. We’ll be among the crowds with our own kiddos. We’ll be handing out treats — no tricks — from front doors. And we’ll be saying, “Hi, I’m ____. What’s your name?” as many times as we can. 

And sure, we’re a church. We know that October 31 isn’t supposed to be the holiday we get the most excited about. We’re supposed to be Easter and Christmas sort of people. (And we are!)

But TCC loves Halloween! For us, Halloween is maybe the best chance we’ll get all year to connect with the people who live around us. On what other night of the year do we all gladly open our doors to each other? We’re sure not going miss this community event!

So the little superheroes and skeletons, the princesses and ghouls – and their parents, too! – they’re all welcome on our porches for gobs of goodies and friendly introductions. We’re prepping costumes for our littles this week, ready to roam alongside the rest to fill our plastic pumpkin buckets with sweets.

Because at TCC, we truly want to know our neighbors. We want to befriend them. We want to have real conversations. We want to serve them and pray for them and tell them the best Good News we have.

All of that can begin with a “trick or treat” and a handful of candy on Halloween night.

So, neighbors, we’re ready to be neighborly on Halloween!


If you live in the Tradewind neighborhood, contact us here and we’ll get you a guide to which houses will be welcoming trick-or-treaters in our community!

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