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parking lot worship


TCC gathers at 10 a.m. on Sundays for Parking Lot Worship in the north parking lot of Tradewind Elementary School, 4300 S. Williams St., in Amarillo. All are welcome to attend!

What should I expect when I arrive?

On Sunday morning, drive to the north parking lot at the school (enter from 44th Avenue, near Tradewind School Park). Parking attendants will greet you and help you find a parking spot. Tune your car radio to 100.3 FM and visit on your phones.

The worship service will begin at 10 a.m. and is about 45 minutes long. More photos of Parking Lot Worship are here.

Is Parking Lot Worship kid-friendly?

Yes! We know church in your car with kids is not normal (or easy!). But families are welcome! Every child will receive a special worship packet when they arrive with a copy of the worship song lyrics, an activity page, and other items.

How many weeks will TCC do Parking Lot Worship?

Because of the pandemic, TCC is not currently able to rent the cafetorium of Tradewind Elementary School.


TCC plans to return to the nearby Tradewind School Park for Church in the Park on Sundays when the weather permits. Thank you!

Is TCC offering communion?

TCC will participate in communion in the parking lot on the last Sunday of every month. At Parking Lot Worship, the elements of communion are prepackaged and will be distributed when you arrive. Communion is taken at the conclusion of the worship service.

I have a different question!

We're here to help! Contact us here.

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