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Meet TCC is an occasional series, spotlighting members of TCC. 


We'd love to meet you! Learn more about TCC's Sunday morning church service here – and join us for church this Sunday morning.


Or contact us today here.

Meet Zack and Adriana!


The two first attended TCC in 2019.


"The day we walked into TCC, I felt something I had not felt in a long time," Adriana said. "I know this is where I was supposed to be. I knew this was God's plan for me and our little family."

Zack and Adriana became TCC members in early 2021, and since then, their sons (Chris and Darren) have believed in the Gospel and were baptized at TCC.

On Sundays, you can find Zack and Adriana cheerfully setting up for church at The Shop Event Venue. Adriana volunteers in a kids classroom, and Zack is one of TCC's audio techs. And they bring the coffee! ☕️

The couple also serve in church leadership groups, help at community events, and have hosted one of TCC's Bible studies.

"This church is full of love and compassion," Zack said. "My prayer is that we continue to be a place of hope for the community, and bring others to know Jesus."

Meet Blayke!


Blayke first started attending at TCC when he was a student at Tradewind Elementary School. 

That was in 2019 — Blayke believed in the Gospel and became a member of TCC then, not long after his parents (Aaron and April) became members.

At that time, TCC was meeting in the school cafetorium for church, and (fun fact!) Blayke is one of only a few TCC members to be baptized on the same campus where he also attended as an elementary school student!

Blayke is at Fannin Middle School now, and is a regular at TCC’s weekly Bible study for grades 6-12 — and at most of TCC’s student activities.

Look for Blayke on Sunday mornings, too. He might be serving alongside his parents in TCC’s preschool classroom, or as of TCC’s visual techs.

"My favorite thing about church is that we are always learning about Jesus," Blayke said. Yes! 👍

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