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Check out a good book (or lots of them) from TCC this summer!

TCC's Summer Library includes a selection of 6 books for adults and 12 books for kids. Borrow one on a Sunday morning and read with us! All are highly recommended by TCC's staff.


"Why Bother with Church?"

Sam Allberry

"Even Better Than Eden"

Nancy Guthrie



Michael Lawrence

"Habits of Grace"

David Mathis

"Before You Open Your Bible"

Matt Smethurst

"None Like Him"

Jen Wilkin

"Love Gave"

Quina Aragon

"Goodbye to Goodbyes"

Lauren Chandler


Brian Dembowczyk

"The Biggest Story"

Kevin DeYoung

"Jesus and the Very Big Surprise"

Randall Goodgame

"What Every Child Should Know About Prayer"

Nancy Guthrie

"Arlo and the Great Big Cover-Up"

Betsy Childs Howard

"The God Contest"

Carl Lafterton

"The Storm That Stopped"

Alison Mitchell

"Creative God, Colorful Us"

Trillia Newbell

"God Counts"

Irene Sun

"Sophie and the Heidelberg Cat"

Andrew Wilson

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