your kids matter

There’s a place for your kids at Tradewind Community Church! Kids aren’t an afterthought; they’re vital to the church! Learn more about how TCC aims to involve and support your children below.

TCC Kids

On Sunday mornings at TCC, kids will be placed in one of these four areas:

  • Nursery (birth through age 1).

  • Toddler (age 2).

  • Preschool (ages 3-5, unless in kindergarten).

  • Elementary (kindergarten through fifth grade).

Kids in kindergarten through fifth grade will begin the worship service with their parents and then be dismissed to the elementary area halfway through the worship service.

TCC teaches The Gospel Project Bible curriculum in our preschool and elementary kids areas.

All kids will check in upon arrival at TCC. Register your child before you arrive at TCC:

Learn more about your kids on Sunday mornings at TCC here.

Amarillo, Texas