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home worship

Welcome to Home Worship with Tradewind Community Church! Follow the steps down the page to worship in your home.

1. Welcome

Listen to Brad and Sarah welcome you and your family to TCC Home Worship.

2. Scripture Reading

Listen to TCC students give our Bible reading.

3. Music

Listen to Phil and Melissa give an introduction to today’s worship songs and a prayer guide.

Sing along to these songs for a time of worship.

4. Sermon

Listen to Brad teach from Colossians 4:2-18.

5. Closing

Listen to Jonathan and Kami give a few announcements and close out home worship with scripture and prayer.

6. Discussion Guide

Use these questions for family discussion or personal reflection on the sermon.

7. Kids Resources

Listen to Meagan teach a lesson from Colossians!

Use some or all of these ideas to help kids understand today's lesson.

Additional Resources

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