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"My family and I didn't have a church home. We went to several churches around the Amarillo area but none of them felt like home or like we belonged. I would pray daily for God to show me a sign and lead us in the right direction.

"One day we received a door hanger on our front door from TCC. We went a couple of times and immediately knew that TCC was our forever home!

"TCC has had a huge impact on my family. We were not grounded or headed in the right direction. We needed things to change in our lives, and TCC did just that for us. With our pastor and church family's support, we were on our path to salvation! My children are now saved and baptized – praise the Lord!

"I pray that people in our community knew how much love TCC has to offer. We love our church family!"

Angela Bowie

TCC Member since February 2020


"Being a part of a new church that God, not humans, planned is remarkable.


"Throughout the past two years, it became apparent to me that God had a plan for changes, and that somehow Sara and I were involved. TCC came about because of the direct inspiration of God. He spoke to several individuals, including myself, and directed us to the Tradewind community.


"Sara and I are especially awed by how church decisions are made without contention. How we conduct church in a pandemic is an example. With the country divided by opinions, our church leaders have continued to make decisions based on the safety of the congregation. And the creativity and adaptability of our members are of the highest quality."

Jeff Whitsell

Founding TCC Member and deacon


"The first time that I was introduced to TCC was during a Tradewind Elementary School event, and I was excited to hear that a church was coming to the neighborhood. Last year at the back to school event, the generosity and friendliness of the church was so refreshing and encouraged me to find out more about this church.

"TCC has been a true blessing to my family by just the pure love, concern, and compassion that has been shown to us. It is very hard to find people who care for others as much as the TCC church family does. And to see how much love this church can share with the kiddos and families at Tradewind Elementary is so amazing and inspiring and something that I want to be a part of.

"People should know that no matter what kind of church background you have or don't have, everyone is welcome to come to TCC to learn about the Gospel of Jesus and to be a part of a church that wants to show the love of Christ to our neighbors. This is a wonderful group of people that love the Lord and love others."

– Jackie Villegas

TCC Member since June 2020

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